Educational Projects

RepLago & School Partnerships

Since we first started the camping activities, we have worked in partnership with schools to develop educational experiences outside the classroom.

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1933<strong>Educational Projects</strong>

5th Grade

At such a specific, special stage for young people, a trip like this is an experience that will stay with them for life. Time to experience emotions and build ties. When the next school cycle begins, friendships will be strengthened.

1936<strong>Educational Projects</strong>

9th Grade

Before starting a new phase, high school, there is time to take an unforgettable trip with friends from school, together at an affordable destination like RepLago, surrounded by nature and with fun to be had day or night.

1965<strong>Educational Projects</strong>

Day Camp

A roadmap full of nature and discoveries, in a safe environment and accompanied by specialized professionals.

1945<strong>Educational Projects</strong>

School Camp

Whether it's an expedition out in nature, immersion in another language, or a bonding journey, schools find the ideal environment for their excursions here.