5th Grade

A celebration of many achievements

At such a specific, special stage for young people, a trip like this is an experience that will stay with them for life. Time to experience emotions and build ties. When the next school cycle begins, friendships will be strengthened.

Bring your school to RepLago
Bring your school to RepLago
Something for everyone to love and join in Something for everyone to love and join in

Something for everyone to love and join in

Activities out on the water and up in the trees, sports of various types, playground and parlor games and festivals: RepLago has something for everyone to enjoy as they please.

The rite of passage

The rite of passage

During the days here, several dynamics happen for kids to honor classmates and teachers who have helped them along their journey, allowing them to own their achievements in this process. And, to wrap things up, a special party in which each one of them chooses the costume of their favorite hero.

We are located in the rural zone of Leme, 186km from the city of São Paulo, via the Bandeirantes Highway. The region is favored with a pleasant, sunny climate, allowing outdoor activities all year round, even in winter.
Roomy, well-ventilated cottages with heating and air conditioning, and showers with natural gas or solar heated water. A leisure center with accessibility, gym, sports fields and courts, swimming pool, music studio, art studio, game room, organic vegetable garden, and a party room integrated with Nature.
We are located on an 80-hectare farm with a nice garden, trees, and animals everywhere and a lake located in the center of the property to be enjoyed and admired. At RepLago, contact with Nature is constant, and so are the discoveries.
5 meals per day with alternatives for those who have dietary restrictions. A balanced menu that includes fresh ingredients from our organic vegetable garden, carefully prepared by our chef and nutritionist.
Our team of counselors has the skill, experience, and sensitivity to handle large groups of kids. A multidisciplinary team of professionals who also undergoes constant training on safeguarding, first aid, conflict mediation, non-violent communications and much more.
Health and Safety
All activities take place within the confines of the camp, which has 24-hour Security. Our monitors are trained in emergency procedures, and when participating in activities, the use of safety equipment is mandatory. We also have a very well-equipped outpatient clinic. If schools wish, they can hire a nurse to stay on duty throughout the trip.


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Tuti – Caminho Suave

Tudo perfeito.... desde o atendimento pelo telefone para o agendamento até a despedida no ônibus. Eu me senti da família RepLago. E as crianças? Voltam encantadas e planejando o retorno. Amo o RepLago

Rita de Oliveira – Colégio Equipe

Nossa parceria já tem 25 anos. Temos sempre o prazer de realizar temporadas com nossos alunos de 7 a 11 anos e todos guardam boas lembranças. Toda nossa equipe se sente acolhida, respeitada e participante de todos os momentos de atividades do acampamento. Nossa parceria é fruto de uma longa caminhada, na qual compartilhamos valores, filosofia de vida e ideais de sociedade! Parabéns pelo trabalho que realizam. RepLago é MUITO BOM!

Priscilla – St. Paul’s School

O Rep Lago sempre foi excelente no atendimento, organização, cuidados. Todos os alunos e professores ficam sempre muito felizes e querem sempre voltar. Donos sempre presentes, equipe de coordenação e monitores excelentes. Atividades maravilhosas!!! Fico feliz em voltar todo ano. Maravilhoso para todas as idades. Recomendo sem receios.

The best part of having fun is sharing

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